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Jessica Bennett

The Times

Times editor at large covering gender and culture


Jessica Bennett is a Times editor at large covering gender and culture. Jessica was appointed The Times’ first gender editor in 2017 as part of an initiative to expand coverage of women and gender issues across platforms. In that role, she contributed to the coverage of #MeToo, oversaw the launch of the Overlooked obituaries project, and was the editor of This Is 18, an immersive look at the lives of 18-year-old girls around the world that is now the subject of book. As a writer, Jessica has chronicled the political power of women over 60, the post-#MeToo evolution of Miss America, gone inside the newer, woker Playboy magazine, and has profiled E. Jean Carroll, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Broadwell and Jennifer Aniston, among others. She occasionally writes a column on internet language, which once included a tome about her Resting Bitch Face. She is a coveted public speaker, and cohosted The Times first-ever women's conference, The New Rules. Jessica's writing has appeared in Vogue, Elle, The Washington Post, Newsweek and Time, among other outlets. She is author of the bestselling book, "Feminist Fight Club: A Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace" (HarperCollins).

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