Médias en Seine 2023


Clara Jiménez Cruz

Maldita.es / Factchequeado



Clara Jiménez Cruz is co-founder and CEO of Maldita.es, a foundation and non-profit media that fights against misinformation and promotes transparency through fact-checking and data journalism. Maldita.es develops technological tools that enable citizens to make informed decisions. Maldita.es team also engages with its audience through new formats such as its verification chatbot on Whatsapp, which won the European Press Award in 2020. Clara is also co-founder of Factchequeado, a US-based initiative to fight misinformation among Hispanic communities. After a decade-long career as a television journalist, Clara, a regular contributor to national media in Spain, was appointed member of the High Level Group against Disinformation by the European Commission and is currently Chair of the governance body of the European Fact-checking Standards Network (EFCSN). She is also a member of the Advisory Board of the International Fact-checking Network. Among other recognitions, she has received the Ashoka Fellowship 2019 and has been named Young Spanish Journalist of the Year in 2020.

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