Médias en Seine 2022


Sulina Connal


Managing Director, News and Book Partnerships, EMEA


Sulina is the Managing Director leading the partnership for News and Books ecosystem in EMEA in relation to Google products and programmes. She joined Google in April 2020 and has since been engaged in Google’s proposals to publishers under the new directive across Europe as well working in Europe, Middle East and Africa on products and programmes and training to support publishers engage with their readers, understand their needs and develop reader revenue as part of their journey towards digital transformation. She first worked as a barrister in intellectual property in the UK later moving to telecoms and the role of VP of Corporate Development at Orange where she developed an expertise in M&A, mobile telecoms as well as B2B activities such as cloud, satellite and cybersecurity across EMEA markets. She joined Facebook working on Telco partnerships and managed their data scientist team before joining Google for her current role. She is an Independent Director of Endava PLC, a NASDAQ software development company. Sulina is Indian and Scottish, living in Paris with her French husband and four children.

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