Médias en Seine 2022


Amanda Edelman

Edelman’s Gen Z Lab

Chief Operating Officer


Amanda is Chief Operating Officer of Edelman’s Gen Z Lab, a recently launched offering that lends expertise to and counsels clients looking to effectively engage Gen Z. Within Edelman, the Gen Z Lab draws upon a hub of data-driven insights and a roster of internal and external advisers to harness the generation’s perspective and ambitions to solve issues such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and climate change, and align with brands to become catalysts for change. Amanda also serves as Associate Director of the Brand practice and contributes to strategic initiatives inside of Edelman, such as Edelman’s climate working group. She has worked with organizations across corporate affairs; brand; purpose; and environmental, social, and governance sectors in London, New York City, and Washington, DC. She is a 2022 Atlantic Council Millennium Leadership fellow and graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Business School


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